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The SCU Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver safe, competitive, and convenient personal banking products, with exceptional service, while actively encouraging membership from the Sentry Insurance community. As a trusted partner, our solid financial strength ensures members can rely on us to assist them toward attaining their financial goals while creating a highly valued benefit.


Our Values

Sentry Credit Union is a full-service financial institution that offers all the products and services you need to live your best financial life! Our services include:

  • Checking & Savings Accounts
  • Fixed-Rate Credit Cards
  • Auto & Motorcycle Loans
  • Mortgage & Home Equity Loans
  • Boat & RV Loans
  • Student Loan Refinancing
  • Payroll Deduction to Your Account
  • Mobile & Online Banking

Serving Sentry Associates Since 1935

Sentry Credit Union was founded in Stevens Point, WI in 1935 by Sentry Insurance Company Associates. In 1935, Sentry Insurance was named Hardware Mutual Casualty Company and SCU was named Hardware Mutual Casualty Credit Union. The Credit Union was incorporated as a financial cooperative, not for profit organization, owned and lead by our Members. The Credit Union was established to encourage thrift among our Members and to provide a source of credit at fair and reasonable interest rates.

Many Credit Unions Formed

Also in 1935, the Hardware Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance Company (sister company to Hardware Mutual Casualty) founded their own Credit Union separate from that of Hardware Mutual Casualty Credit Union. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s as the insurance company grew and expanded nationwide, several other separate Credit Unions were formed in other states to serve the Hardware Mutual Casualty Employees. In the late 1950s, the insurance company took on the name of Sentry Insurance — and the Credit Union became Sentry Credit Union. By 1963, there were 13 Credit Unions located around the U.S. serving Sentry Employees.

Together in Partnership

Today, there remains one Sentry Credit Union as the result of partnership mergers. The first partnership merger occurred in 1942 when the Hardware Mutual Casualty CU joined together with the Hardware Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance CU to form one home office Credit Union. In 1963, a study was conducted that revealed the 13 separate Credit Unions could cut operating expenses and provide a greater benefit to Members by partnering as one Credit Union. The process was started in 1964 and was completed by eleven (11) of the Credit Unions in December 1966. The combined assets of this resulting in $1.4 million. Two Credit Unions — Dallas and New England — did not initially partner with Sentry Credit Union. The Credit Union in Dallas partner merged in 1982 and the New England (Concord, Mass.) Credit Union partner merged in 1990. Since that time Sentry Credit Union has been serving the Associates of Sentry Insurance across the country. 

How to Become a Member

You may become a member of Sentry Credit Union if you are an Associate of Sentry Insurance (a mutual company located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin), an employees of a domestic subsidiary in which the Sentry Insurance Company has a controlling ownership interest, or if you are a member of the immediate family of any eligible person. Members of the immediate family include, but are not limited to a spouse, parents, siblings, children, grandparents, and grandchildren. These relationships including all steps and spouses. 

Family Membership is encouraged at SCU. Once someone joins SCU, the members of their family are eligible for membership. All the members of your family will benefit by receiving the best rates on loans and deposits. Also, everyone will benefit by using the cost-saving services provided by SCU.

Once you are a Member, you are always a Member. This means that your membership with SCU may be maintained regardless of change in employment or address. SCU is dedicated to serve you as your life long financial institution.

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