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Overdraft Transfer Protection

Protect Your Transactions and Save Money

Set it and forget it with Overdraft Transfer Protection. Sentry Credit Union offers this service so that you can set a transfer up to automatically transfer funds from your other SCU accounts to cover transactions made using your checking account. So if you make a purchase that costs more than the available funds in your account the money is moved over to cover your transaction. Features include:

  • No fee to sign up for this service.
  • No fee when the transfer occurs.
  • Transfers can be set up from your share savings account or your money market account.

To ensure you have that extra cushion in your share savings to make this service the most effective, remember to set up recurring deposits to your savings. Whether it is a little from your paycheck every time you get paid or a scheduled transfer, recurring deposits will build your savings without any effort.

Sign Up for Overdraft Transfer Protection

Please contact  Sentry Credit Union to sign up for Overdraft Transfer Protection.

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