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  • Debt Consolidation

    Too Much Month Left at the End of Your Money? A debt consolidation loan provides the opportunity to transfer balances from credit cards, loans, and other debts into one loan with one monthly loan payment.

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  • Fund Your Winter Fun!

    Treat yourself and your family to the snowmobile of your dreams with a money-saving loan from SCU!

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  • Count Your Coins

    At SCU your money counts more. Members are free to use our coin counter for no fee. Bring in your jar of coins and cash in.

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  • Mobile Wallet: A Better Way to Pay

    Sentry Credit Union offers a safer, faster way to shop with your SCU debit or credit card. Add your SCU card debit and credit card to your mobile wallet and pay merchants in stores, online and within apps.

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Make Your Home Work for You

The equity in your home provides a window of opportunity to make your home work for you. SCU has the Home Equity Loans to help your home be your dream home.

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Window of Opportunity