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SCU Audio Banking

Audio Smart - iTalk

At Sentry Credit Union we know that access to your account is important. iTalk is a full-service, interactive audio banking service that features easy-to-use menus and options that deliver detailed account information. This service supports you with a number of access points including savings, checking, and loan accounts. Features include:

  • Account Balance Inquiries
  • Account History Review
  • Transfer Between Your Shares
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Withdrawal Funds by Check

The first time you access iTalk you will need to establish a PIN for your access. The prompt to establish your PIN will happen after you make your first account selection for access. The information you will need to establish your PIN is your:

  • Member Number
  • Social Security Number


Global Commands

iTalk is set up with global commands that are available anytime throughout your call. Simply use the options below to navigate while on your call:

  • Press "8*" to turn on Voice Recognition
  • Say "Touch Tone" to turn off Voice Recognition
  • Say "Main Menu" or Press "3*" to Return to the Main Menu
  • Say "Help" or Press "1*" for the Help Menu
  • Say "Go Back" or Press "*" to Return to the Previous Menu
  • Say "Skip" or Press "5*" to Skip to the Next List of Information
  • Say "Repeat" or Press "#" to Repeat the Previous Information
  • Say "Change Member" or Press "9*" to Change the Account You are Reviewing
  • Say "Hang up" or Press "7*" to End Your Call
  • Say "Agent" or Press "0" to Speak to Someone at SCU

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