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Stay in the Know and Feel in Control with Sentry Credit Union Alerts

Use SCU online banking and mobile banking app to stay in the know and feel in control.  With Account and Security Alerts, you can get real-time updates about account activity so there are no surprises when it comes to your finances. Protect your online and mobile access by setting up Security Alerts to notify you of important sign-on related activity. Account and Security Alerts allow you to customize the types of alerts you receive and give you the choice of how you wish to receive notification by either email or text.  

Security Alerts

  • Email address is changed
  • Phone number is changed
  • Settings or preferences are changed
  • Method of delivery is changed
  • Username or password is changed
  • PIN has been enabled or disabled
  • Profile information is changed

Account Alerts

  • The balance in your account falls below an established threshold
  • The balance in your account is above an established threshold
  • A deposit has been received that exceeds an established threshold
  • The balance in your account the same time each day

Bill Payment Alerts

  • Send email summary of daily payments
  • Send email when a new payee is created
  • Send email for payments scheduled over a specified amount

To setup Bill Payment Alerts, do the following:

  1. From the Online Banking or Mobile Banking Menu, under the Payments heading, select Pay Bills/P2P
  2. Click on proceed
  3. Click on I want to Update my Preferences
  4. Check the box in front of the preferences. Enter the threshold level.

You can use these resources to setup you Security and Account Alerts

View Desktop User Guide

View Mobile User Guide