Bump Rate Option

Bump Your Rate – Add Money With “Customiser” Term Share Coupons

What is a “Customiser” Coupon?
A “Customiser” Coupon allows you to increase the rate on qualifying Certificates of Deposit. Also, the “Customiser” Coupon allows you to make an additional deposit to that Certificate. Whatever option you use with a “Customiser” Coupon, the original maturity of the Certificate remains the same.

Can I use a “Customiser” Coupon to get a higher interest rate if rates go up in the future?
Yes, if rates go up, you can use the coupon to increase your rate to our offering rate on qualifying Certificate. So, you can lock in attractive rates today and still take advantage of higher rates in the future. You can also deposit more money into the Certificate when you use the coupon. Imagine being able to get a higher rate and add money to an existing Certificate.

What can I do with the “Customiser” Coupon if interest rates go down in the future?
If interest rates go down, you can use the coupon to add money to your existing Certificate without lowering the interest rate. So regardless of which way interest rates go, the add money feature of the coupon gives you a valuable option.

Which Certificates qualify for “Customiser” Coupons?
“Certificates with maturities of 24 or 30 months receive one (1) “Customiser” Coupon. Certificates with maturities of 3, 4 and 5 years receive two (2) “Customiser” Coupons. That’s right…you receive two (2) "Customiser"Coupons on longer term Certificates.

Some things to keep in mind about “Customiser” Coupons.

  1. You can change the rate or deposit money (or both) at the time the coupon is used. Let’s say you use the coupon to increase the rate, but you do not deposit more money then. You cannot come in the next day to deposit more money using the redeemed coupon.
  2. If your original certificate is in the deposit category of less than $10,000, you cannot “move” your certificate up to the deposit category of $10,000 or more at a later date by the accumulation of dividends or by depositing more money.
  3. Early withdrawal penalties are still in effect.
  4. “Customiser” Coupons are not available for IRA Certificates.
    5) Regardless of how or when you use your “Customiser” Coupon(s), the original maturity of your Certificate will not change.
  5. A coupon may not be used if the Certificate is pledged as collateral on a loan.
  6. This program may be discontinued at any time without notice, but “Customiser” Coupons issued prior to termination of the program will still be honored.

If you want to take advantage of a “Customiser” Coupon(s), choose a Certificate with a term of 24 months or longer. Certificates with terms of 24 or 30 months receive one coupon…and Certificates with terms of 3, 4 and 5 years receive two coupons.

If you have any questions about the “Customiser” Coupon Program, please call 715-346-6534 or toll free at 877-368-7928. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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