Internet Banking

Enhanced Internet Banking services for our Members – SCU Online – features include:
  • Single Sign On: Members use a secure Multi-Factor Authentication sign on process to access Internet Banking which will include Credit Union Accounts, E-Bill Pay and … SCU Credit Cards — both MasterCard and VISA. This eliminates having to sign into multiple sites to access Credit Union accounts and services.
  • Credit Card Access: Members who have our MasterCard and/or VISA credit cards now have access to them over the internet. Information available includes real time balances, credit limit, credit limit available, last payment date, next payment due date with minimum payment due, and history. Cardholders can sign up for electronic statements through this site. Electronic statement users receive an email notice when statements are available. Payments can be made to credit cards through this site — from Credit Union accounts or from accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Schedule Transfers: Members can schedule transfers in advance. These transfers can be a one time event or occur on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, same date each month, etc.). The system can send you an email when the transfer occurs — or notify you if it cannot be made. Scheduled transfers occur at Noon CST on the date of the transfer.
  • Imaged Checks: Members can view the images of the checks that clear their account.
  • Account Alerts: Members can have the system email them when certain activity occurs in their accounts — such as when a check clears, when an account balance goes below a certain amount, when a certificate of deposit will come due — even birthdates and anniversaries. This is a very useful feature that has a number of applications.
  • Account Nicknames: Members can give their accounts a nickname. We call them shares, share drafts (checking), Piggy Bank, money market — but Members can call them vacation fund, property tax account, mad money — whatever they want.
  • E-Bill Pay: Online bill payment offers savings, convenience and the freedom of never having to purchase another stamp or envelope again for paying your bills! Pay all your bills online in one convenient location – your trusted financial institution. Pay anyone from your power company to your doctor to your neighborhood lawn service. You can pay everyone you pay now – anytime, anywhere – all with the click of a mouse. You can schedule single or recurring payments up to a year in advance. You can review pending payments and have access to your full payment history. Payment scheduling is easy – just select the payee, amount and payment date, then click to pay! Made a mistake? You can edit payments anytime before they are processed.
  • Calendar View of Activity: Looking at calendar view, Members can see any day that one of their accounts had activity. The calendar will reflect which account (share savings, checking, money market, etc.) or accounts had activity. Clicking on a day with activity will bring up a screen that shows the detail of the activity on that day.
  • Personalize the Site: This feature enables Members to personalize the Internet Banking site which provides further verification upon entering the site that Members have actually reached our site. Members can select color choices including the grey (default), green, blue, and a custom option. Members can also choose from a list of provided background images.
  • Account Balances: When Members select Balances from the Accounts menu, the system displays all open financial institution accounts, grouped by account type.

· Checking and savings accounts (including money market or interest-bearing transaction accounts.)

· Investments—such as Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

· Loan accounts—such as credit cards, lines of credit, or home equity loans.

When Members click on the highlighted account title, they will see the most recent five days of history for the account. Each account is listed by the account title (checking, credit card), the account number, the account type (savings/checking, certificate of deposit), the account balance, and the current available balance.

  • Year to Date: With the Year to Date option, Members can view the interest earned or paid-on-account in the current year-to-date and in the most recent full calendar year. Select an account to view and the figures appear in the “Result” message. The “prior year to date” can be especially useful for tax preparation.
  • Check History: Members can use Check History to view only checks in their account histories (not deposits and ATM withdrawal, or debit card transactions). The check history view is useful in making a quick search on the most recent checks to clear.
  • Check Reordering: Members can reorder their checks for their SCU checking accounts in this secure, online environment. Members can select from a tremendous variety of check styles, change their lettering style, add logos or monograms, and order accessories. For security purposes, Members cannot change their address for check reorders.

There are so many features we can’t list them all here. We encourage Members to explore them on their own.

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