About Sentry CU


Membership Eligibility – Who can belong to Sentry Credit Union

Associates of Sentry Insurance, a mutual company located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and employees of domestic subsidiaries in which Sentry Insurance Company has a controlling ownership interest, and any member of the immediate family of any other eligible person may become a member of the credit union. Members of the immediate family includes, but is not limited to, the spouse, parents, stepchildren and children of each person eligible to be a member of the credit union whether or not residing in the same household.

Family Membership Encouraged

Once someone joins Sentry Credit Union, the Members of their family are eligible for Membership. All the Members of your family will benefit by receiving the best rates on loans and deposits. Also, everyone will benefit by using the cost saving services provided by SCU.

Once a Member, Always a Member

This means that Membership in SCU may be maintained regardless of change in employment or address.

Become a Member Today!

A $5.00 deposit in a Share Savings Account starts your membership in SCU. Dividends are earned daily, compounded, and posted quarterly. As a member, you are a owner, with profits being returned to you in the form of great rates on deposits and loans — and services without the usual bank fees. Request a Share Savings Account Application today!


The Sentry Credit Union Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver safe, competitive and convenient personal banking products, with exceptional service, while actively encouraging membership from the Sentry Insurance community. As a trusted partner, our solid financial strength ensures members can rely on us to assist them toward attaining their financial goals while creating a highly valued benefit.


Our Commitment to Members

Statement of Commitment to Members

As a Member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, Sentry Credit Union is committed to our Members. We will uphold our fundamental responsibility to actively serve people within our field of membership, and as appropriate, the communities they live in. We will treat all Members with respect and dignity and we will offer honest, fair deals to all Members at all times. We will deliver a range of low cost products and services to the diverse economic and social make-up of our Members and potential Members. We will look for better ways to reach out to the un- or under-served in our field of membership. And we will continually, in all facets of operations, demonstrate the value of membership in Sentry Credit Union.

We will monitor and communicate our service to Members in a meaningful way so that Members, potential Members, legislators, regulators, and the community at large will understand and appreciate the unique role that Member-owned financial cooperatives play in their lives.

Throughout Sentry Credit Union’s strategic plan, we will put forth every effort to enable our Members to become financially self-sufficient and successful. We will place high importance on consumer education and the teaching of financial thrift.

This Statement of Commitment to Members is consistent with our credit union principles of “Not For Profit, Not For Charity, But For Service” and our philosophy of “People Helping People”. This statement represents good business practices that ensure the financial strength of our credit union on behalf of our Members.

Brief History

Sentry Credit Union was founded in Stevens Point (WI) back in 1935 by Sentry Employees. In 1935, Sentry Insurance was named Hardware Mutual Casualty Company and SCU was named Hardware Mutual Casualty Credit Union. The Credit Union was incorporated as a cooperative, non-profit organization owned and managed by the Members. The Credit Union was established to encourage thrift among the Members and to provide a source of credit at fair and reasonable interest rates.

Many Credit Unions Formed – Also in 1935, the Hardware Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance Company (sister company to Hardware Mutual Casualty) founded their own Credit Union separate from that of Hardware Mutual Casualty Credit Union. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s as the insurance company grew and expanded nationwide, several other separate Credit Unions were formed in other states to serve the Hardware Mutual Casualty Employees. In the late 1950s, the insurance company took on the name of Sentry Insurance — and the Credit Union became Sentry Credit Union. By 1963, there were 13 Credit Unions located around the U.S. serving Sentry Employees.

Merger Mania – Today, there is just one Sentry Credit Union as the result of several mergers. The first merger occurred in 1942 when the Hardware Mutual Casualty CU joined together with the Hardware Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance CU to form one home office credit union. In 1963, a study was conducted that revealed the 13 separate credit unions could cut operating expenses and provide a greater benefit to Members by merging the credit unions into one. The process was started in 1964 and was completed by eleven (11) of the credit unions in December 1966. Their combined assets were $1.4 million. Two credit unions — Dallas and New England — did not initially merge into Sentry Credit Union. The credit union in Dallas merged in 1982 and the New England (Concord, Mass.) Credit Union merged in 1990.