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Membership Eligibility – Who can belong to Sentry Credit Union?

Associates of Sentry Insurance, a mutual company located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Associates of domestic subsidiaries in which Sentry Insurance Company has a controlling ownership interest, and any member of the immediate family of any other eligible person may become a member of the credit union. Members of the immediate family includes, but is not limited to, the spouse, parents, stepchildren and children of each person eligible to be a member of the credit union whether or not residing in the same household.

Family Membership Encouraged

Once someone joins Sentry Credit Union, the Members of their family are eligible for Membership. All the Members of your family will benefit by receiving the best rates on loans and deposits. Also, everyone will benefit by using the cost saving services provided by SCU.

Once a Member, Always a Member

This means that Membership in SCU may be maintained regardless of change in employment or address.

Become a Member Today!

A $5.00 deposit in a Share Savings Account starts your membership in SCU.  Dividends are earned daily, compounded, and posted quarterly.  As a member, you are a owner, with profits being returned to you in the form of great rates on deposits and loans — and services without the usual bank fees. Request a Share Savings Account Application today!